Study Status Quo Agile

With the study Status Quo Agile” from 2015 on Lean Management? has Bernd Albrecht investigated the question of to what extent Lean Management has established itself in corporate reality. 319 participants responded to the call to participate in the online survey from May to October 2015.

All 17,866 responses of the participants were analysed for the evaluation. The 319 respondents were guided through two different parts of the questionnaire. On the one hand, questions for persons from industrial and service companies and on the other hand, questions for persons from consulting and training organisations. But listen to the summary in the interview.

An interview by Management Radio, moderator  Ralf Volker in conversation with Bernd Albrecht “MR_Quo-vadis Lean Management 2015”

Besides the many specific questions about the application of Lean Management in organizations, we were interested, so Bernd Albrecht bsp;the today’s meaning of Six Sigma as methodology of the quality management, thereby the results are surprising:

  • Six Sigma is for 204 participants not the only measure/method to get quality problems under control.
  • The opinion of 219 participants is even that Lean Management is very or quite important to increase quality. It also shows impressively the following diagram.
  • Six Sigma is not among the top 5 tools that participants would choose for their employees.

For 256 participants, further training on the subject of Lean Management is a matter of concern, only 80 participants attend further training courses at irregular intervals. In addition to seminars, workshops, literature or symposia, participants also prefer social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or our blog “Lean Project Management” for further training.

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