Demography Risks & Opportunities

The fight for talent is on the rise due to demographic change, intensified by digitalization and made more difficult by the new demands of Generation Y. The aging society is making it increasingly difficult for companies to recruit suitable professionals and managers. At the same time, digital communication is expanding, both in leisure and professional life, and new job profiles are constantly emerging that require employees with special skills. In addition, companies are suddenly faced with the young talents of Generation Y, who have completely different values and demands than before.

These developments represent both a challenge and an opportunity. In theory, most companies have already recognized the importance of employer branding in this struggle, but are often still cautious when it comes to practical implementation.

Generation Y

The young talents of Generation Y differ considerably from previous generations in their view of their professional and private lives. Teamwork, work-life balance, flexible working hours and a cooperative corporate culture are the new demands. Generation Y has grown up with the self-image of equality and wants to satisfy more and more individual needs. The current graduate survey 2013/2014 also supports this change in values. For three quarters of those surveyed, family and friends are among the most important values and goals in life. This is followed by success and career with 60 percent and health with 46 percent. Generation Y focuses above all on prospects: 74 percent of career starters therefore regard development opportunities as an important decision criterion for an employer. Further selection factors are work-life balance and good career opportunities for more than half of those surveyed. Their idea of what constitutes a good manager also differs from the classical understanding. For eleven percent of graduates, arrogance is a no-go for a manager. Rather, a manager should convince through his or her professional qualifications as well as through his or her personality.

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