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Christian Bernert

The digital transformation requires new strategies and forms of business! Not because the previous strategies were wrong, but because the AI age requires new ways of thinking!

Director LPM® Academy

Christian Bernert is an inspiring authority, manager, coach and consultant. With more than forty years of professional experience, most recently active as an active program manager in various industries and technologies worldwide, he founded the Lean Program Management Academy in September 2016. With his recent publications on Block Chain Technology and Artificial Intelligence, he highlights the dynamics we are facing in the age of digital transformation.  In his many years as a manager at Siemens AG, he empowered PMO’s to achieve “best practice" results using Maturity maturity measurements. He was always able to bring in his management experience paired with expert knowledge in a target-oriented way and ensure successful implementation.

Christian Bernert has always lived his passion for Program Management as a “professional vocation" and emphatically communicated the benefits and their importance to the respective company management. Through his practical application and implementation experience, he has developed methods to detect crises in companies as well as in projects at an early stage through the sophisticated use of early warning indicators. Through this, he has opened up opportunities for companies to regain their bearings even in critical phases through targeted measures and intensive coaching.

“ZDF (Figures, Data, Facts) the powerhouse for programs".

He has led projects and programs for large global companies, successfully introducing new business processes and working with multicultural teams to achieve common goals.

In 2013 Christian Bernert founded the company Sogln Ltd. and in 2016 Christian became a member of the Academy for Potential Development and founded the Lean Program Management Academy at the same time.

Memberships in GPM and tekom round out his broad activities.

Early on, Christian Bernert considered continuous education to be essential as a driver of constant change, especially in the digital age. This led to the adaptation of methods to always establish positive and lasting results through targeted strategy change in companies.

Christian Bernert has served as a leader of projects and programs in complex environments throughout his career in both industry and the public sector. Hundreds of project seminars and workshops he has conducted worldwide as a senior coach as well as a keynote speaker at trade shows has inspired him to develop the online tool “Lean Project Management" in collaboration with La FrenchTech. With an integrated ERP approach, the simultaneous focus on both product and project business together with the fusion of KANBAN / SCRUM in classic project management, it fully supports the agile methodology and thus contributes to the shortening of project durations in a pragmatic way.