Smart Project Management

LPM® tut das Richtige zur richtigen Zeit.
LPM® doing the right thing at the right time

Companies that implement their project management through strategic alignment by means of a program must have ensured that their project and program portfolios sustainably support these intentions, especially in economically challenging times. If these indispensable prerequisites are fulfilled, it is necessary to unleash the power that is necessary to effectively implement these organizational changes. Only a sustainable change process can deliver the results that are intended with the strategic goals in order to generate lasting benefits.

Successful are those companies that understand the need to cast new approaches into a concept to determine the implementation by means of a program. If at the same time the programs are implemented by means of a project with clearly defined milestones, the entire organization in the company learns to recognize the value of projects when implementing programs, especially when the need for dynamic adaptation is added. These companies have recognized that they are already in the process of adopting these changed processes in the company structure with their newly aligned actions during program implementation.

In theory this sounds simple. In practice, however, there is hardly ever an unhindered way!

Theory is the necessary impulse to act. But to quote the late, great Jogi Berra (a former New York baseball player), the following core sentence was formulated:

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice, it only becomes apparent when it is applied”.

How often has the strategy worked out in theory not delivered its goals? How much time was wasted establishing immature processes and what a bright awakening if the expected results did not arrive immediately after a nosedive, let alone the expected benefits? And again and again they are the same reasons for these failures, because it is the belief of the management with immature processes to be able to harvest the results already? In reality, projects and programs that do not deliver the expected results are often poorly (not maturely) implemented or not congruent with the corporate strategy. In addition, it is often ignored that the executive team of a company must also be enthusiastic about this strategy in order to lead it to success. With his experience, Christian Bernert is able to coach, lead and advise organisations on how to tackle their projects and programme implementation, or how they have already begun their transformation journey. With his extensive knowledge, understanding and experience, gained and matured in well over forty years of practical implementation and leadership, he works with companies “to develop the unleashing power to achieve outstanding business results”.