PM® is an online web application for the modern management of adaptive projects.

You develop your project strategy via a development board. Together with your customers, you work out your project assignment in the idea board. Each idea receives a status from discovered, accepted to rejected. Based on the strategy you create a roadmap with your project team, divided into milestones. Using the idea board, you develop the necessary accepted work packages, assign them to your team members and determine the workload per work package. Divide large work packages into sprints in order to be able to present work results as quickly as possible. By means of regular retrospective meetings, you check which activities are running well, where there is potential for improvement and which should be scaled back or discontinued. For each task you can describe which qualification is required to complete the task, which acceptance criteria / test cases must be met for acceptance. Problems, notes and required actions are recorded and distributed in a targeted manner via workflow and the processing statuses are carried along. A common event calendar for the entire team and extensive communicative reports as well as a grant plan and much more round off the APM®.

APM® is ideally suited for project management of new product developments, strategic projects, mergers & acquisitions and small projects with project durations of up to one year.

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