LPM® 360° feedback

Develop leaders – Increase leadership quality

Lead quality in dynamic times

New technologies, increasing internationalisation and high competitive pressure are some of the many challenges facing companies. Only if companies constantly question themselves can they survive in the market: How sustainable is our strategy? How can we continue to satisfy our customers tomorrow? Do the people we need to achieve our corporate goals work in our company? Which competencies are critical for success? And what experience and skills do we and our managers need to have in order to successfully master the many challenges?

In particular, the question of leadership quality is becoming an issue for more and more organisations. And rightly so: because good leadership is an important lever for economic success! Whether in the role as manager and decision maker, who leads the business, or as coach and driver for change, who motivates and inspires employees – good executives make the difference.

Companies need transparency about the competencies of their managers. Because only if the strengths and development fields of the executives are known can further development measures be derived. This transparency is however also for the high-level personnel itself of crucial importance. Because: Self-knowledge is the first step to the improvement. Only those who know their own strengths and fields of development can work on them.

360° feedback as impetus for further development

This is exactly where the 360° feedback starts. In the 360° feedback process, the competencies of your managers are evaluated from different perspectives. In addition to the manager’s self-assessment, superiors, colleagues, employees and customers give feedback on a person’s leadership and management skills. By considering several perspectives, the 360° feedback provides a differentiated assessment of the competencies assessed. The basic requirement is open and honest feedback, supported by a trustworthy, anonymous feedback process. The result feedback from the 360° feedback gives the manager the opportunity to compare his own perception with the assessment of others regarding their leadership behaviour. Not only individual strengths and fields of development are shown, but also different expectations of different feedback providers, such as superiors, colleagues, employees and customers. This in turn provides a good stimulus for self-reflection and is the starting point for deriving personal development measures.

The 360° feedback method sets a development process in motion in your organisation in which all relevant people are involved and which directly supports an active feedback culture.

Our approach: What constitutes excellence in leadership

With our conceptual approach, we distinguish between two main implementation options of a 360° feedback: the standardized and efficient variant of our LPM® 360° feedback and the conception of a customized, company-specific 360° feedback. Both approaches are preceded by the following questions: What distinguishes excellence in leadership? What is the difference between successful and less successful managers? And what exactly does a good executive have to bring with him or her in order to be up to the various challenges in order to meet the increasing demands?

We provide answers to these questions with our LPM® Competence Model, which was developed by the various Institute for Management Diagnostics and combines the relevant leadership and management competencies from practical experience and on the basis of theoretical principles. Here we combine our diagnostic excellence with many years of experience in the corporate world. Our LPM® 360° feedback is based on this. It offers a diagnostically valid and scientifically sound 360° feedback based on many years of practical experience.