Comfort zone

You want life to be more beautiful? Then put an end to your comfort zone!

Celsy Dehnert

Get a move on, it’s good! Source: (Source: Alex Wong)

Sometimes life feels very narrow and small – and then you get unhappy. How do you get out of this valley? This is only possible if we dare to turn ourselves upside down.

The beautiful life is behind your comfort zone

Probably nothing’s changed significantly in your life in a while, hasn’t it? OK, maybe you just changed jobs – but within your industry. Maybe you moved into a new apartment – but within your familiar environment. Maybe there’s a new man (or woman) at your side right now – but he (she) is exactly what you’re looking for in bed and table. But that didn’t work before. And that’s why nothing will change in your life.

You have been with your comfort zone longer than with any of your previous partners and leaving it may panic you. That’s why I’m telling you today: Do it finally! Leave your comfort zone.

Why is it so hard to change your life?

But why is it so hard to change your life? We humans are just creatures of habit. 98 percent of our daily lives consist of habits that we have acquired in passing. From the routine after getting up to the working day to our sleeping habits. This has its advantages, of course! For example, if you are totally overslept in the middle of the night and want to find your way from bed to bathroom in the dark. You have gone this way so often that your brain is no longer activated, but you just have to put one foot in front of the other.

Yes, habits and routines give us security, help us through the day and make many things easier. But the truth is: habits and routines can also be real killers of the beautiful life we could lead.

Dissatisfied? Then develop further!

Nothing kills creativity and growth as much as stagnation. And habits and routine cause exactly that, because we always act according to the same patterns. In any case, our brain will not create new connections for these learned actions.

And this is exactly what makes it so important to break out of our comfort zone every now and then. Our brain needs the opportunity to form new connections with new experiences – so that we can also act differently.

So you want to change something in your life because you are dissatisfied with the current state? Great, because the insight to be dissatisfied is the first step. But now you also have to act.

But in which direction is the good life?

Just when you don’t really know in which direction you want to steer your life, it is important to try yourself. Because how should you know what you want when everything you know is what you do not want? Phew. Nothing helps: Leave your comfort zone behind you!

The thought can really scare you, can’t it? Well, at least it quickly makes you uncomfortable. No wonder, because this step really needs overcoming power and some courage. The good news: Before you emigrate directly, marry a complete stranger and travel the world as a performance artist, you can first practice your skills on little things to leave your comfort zone.

Training courage, that’s how it works:

1. To throw food habits overboard

Imagine the following situation: After a far too long working day, you’re completely exhausted and hungry in the subway station. Since there was so much to do, you didn’t even have a lunch break. That means: You are very hungry. To your left is the baker, where you often get something to eat. You know what the selection offers, you know the prices and can say exactly what you like to eat there. To your right is a Turkish snack bar. You know neither the offer nor the prices. You have never eaten there and don’t know what you might like there. What do you do? The habit pushes you in the direction of the baker, right?

Go to the Turkish snack bar instead! Yes, you have to deal with a new offer and talk to someone you don’t know. But: besides a tasty meal, a completely different feeling will enhance your taste experience: the sweet triumph over your own limits. You deliberately gave up your comfort zone and no, it didn’t hurt at all! And you can get this feeling of happiness in very different situations, even without a baker and Turkish snack.

Or you could be sitting in a bar with friends. You order drinks. You like beer, you like mojito, you like water. So you’ll probably order one of those three drinks. Or a drink made from the same ingredients. Leave it! drink something completely different. Maybe even order something you don’t even know exactly what it is. Just surprise yourself.

2. Try out new hobby

You’re looking for a new hobby, and you recently saw street dance at the movies. You’ve always wanted to be able to dance so well. Come on, find a suitable course of your choice! Yes, probably you will be terrible first. Yes, you don’t know anybody there and you will have the feeling that you are making a fool of yourself. But, what the hell? With each course attendance you will become better and you will be able to prove yourself in the end: You can do everything if you just want to.

3. Start the day differently

Break your morning routine. Have you ever thought about just getting up and taking your time just for yourself? I’ve been doing this experiment for some time now and get up an hour earlier every morning, filling it with Pilates, a cup of coffee and time for myself. Time that you take for yourself before the hustle and bustle of everyday life captivates you is creative time that inspires you, inspires you and gives you strength. Try it out!

Note: This article was first posted by Celsy Dehnert on Appreciate yourself.