Risk management

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ProjeQtOr includes a comprehensive risks and opportunities management, including the action plan necessary to mitigate or treat them and monitoring occurring problems.

Risk is a threat or event that could have a negative impact on the project, which can be neutralized, or at least minimize, by predefined actions.The risk management plan is a key point of the project management. Its objective is to :

  • identify hazards and measure their impact on the project and their probability of occurrence, 
  • identify avoidance measures (contingency) and mitigation in case of occurrence (mitigation), 
  • identify opportunities, 
  • monitor the actions of risks contingency and mitigation, 
  • identify risks that eventually do happen (so they become issues)

An Opportunity can be seen as a positive risk. This is not a threat but an opportunity that has a positive impact on the project.Opportunities must be identified and followed-up not to be missed out.

Issue is a risk that happens during the project .If the risk management plan has been properly managed, the issue should be an identified and qualified risk.

Actions shall be defined to avoid risks, not miss the opportunities and solve issues.It is also appropriate to provide mitigation actions for identified risks that did not occur yet.

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