Quality management

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The specificity of ProjeQtOr is that it is Quality Oriented: it integrates the best practices that can help you to meet the quality requirements on your projects. This way, the approval stage of your Quality Systems are eased, whatever the reference (ISO, CMMI, ITIL or else).

Workflows are defined to monitor changes of possible status.This allows, among other things, to restrict certain profiles from changing some status.You can, for instance, limit the change to a validation status to a given profile, to ensure that only an authorized user will perform this validation.

You can define Delays for ticket. This will automatically calculate the due date of the Ticket when creating the Ticket.

Indicators can be calculated to point out non respect of expected work, end date or cost values.Some indicators are configured by default, and you can configure your own depending on your needs.

Non respect of indicators (or the approach of non-respect target) can generate Alerts

It is possible to define custom Checklists that will allow, for instance, to ensure that a process is applied.

Many Reports are available to track activity on projects, some displayed as graphs.

Finally, thanks to ProjeQtOreverything is traced.You can follow-up, in a centralized and collaborative way, the various elements you used to follow-up (or not) in many Excel sheets : list of Questions & Answers, recording Decisions impacting the project, management of documents configuration, follow-up of meetings …In addition, all updates are tracked on each item to keep (and display) an history of the life of the item.

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