LPM Academy

LPM® Academy

The central concern of the LPM® Academy is the transformation of the hitherto prevailing classical corporate culture towards a digital management culture. With the chosen form of the virtual LPM® Academy, we also want to take a pioneering role in the direction of transformation. You will find information on the self-image of the LPM® Academy in the navigation under Organisation. The goal of the activities of the LPM® Academy is the development of an agile corporate culture that focuses on the development of potential through suitable organisational forms in all areas of a company. The LPM® Academy pursues this goal through the practical support of experienced programme and project experts. The LPM® Academy sees itself as an accompanying community to disseminate the knowledge and experience gained in Lean Programme Management in practice.

The LPM® Academy supports individuals – Research Fellows – who work with other organisations that are striving to change the current way of programme management in such a way that the existing development potential of each individual in the company can be fully developed.

The goal of these efforts is to transform the previous leadership culture into an agile corporate culture focused on active co-creation. This new leadership culture is characterised by the fact that the members no longer treat each other as objects, but as subjects, so that the development potential inherent in them can unfold in the company.

The LPM® Academy sees itself as a place that systematises the continuous exchange of knowledge and experience and makes it available on a part-time basis in the sense of continuous coaching.

The resulting successful “best practice" examples are presented publicly by the LPM® Academy.

The actors who have facilitated this cultural change in their bodies as fellows of the LPM® Academy are admitted to the circle of expert fellows as potential development coaches.

In order to achieve this goal more quickly, the LPM® Academy offers a wide range of business management seminars and courses free of charge.

With these activities, the LPM® Academy pursues its central concern of spreading and establishing a culture of learning from one another and shaping together in companies.