LPM® Beratung 

LPM® Cosulting


Our clients expect goal-oriented consulting under economic and legal conditions according to the quality standards of BDU e.V.


Our consultants are “reliable", “competent" and “trend-setting". They feel committed to the agreed goal of the assignment.


We meet the quality standards of the BDU e.V. and stand with our consulting services on a high level.


We have established principles, standards and guidelines for the various types of assignments we offer in our consulting services. These are intended to serve our clients as selection criteria and as a benchmark for our qualified consulting activities. However, all our quality initiatives are also used by clients and candidates (in the recruitment process) as a reliable orientation.

Managing change is increasingly becoming a core and permanent task for companies. And increasingly, it is comprehensive change that is required for a company to successfully survive in the market. The cautious evolution of business models is increasingly being replaced by the need for comprehensive transformation.

Successful business transformation is characterized by sustainable changes in systems, processes and employees. Such changes always have a functional, content-related side as well as a behavioral and cultural side. Only those who focus on both aspects in equal measure can lead transformation projects to success.

As a holistic consulting firm, LPM® Consulting combines classic management and communications consulting on an equal footing under one roof. The LPM® Lean Project Management approach enables us to advise our clients from a single source, without interface problems and coordination efforts.

The focus of our understanding as management consultants is the human being and his cooperation in teams. As the bearer of development and change, he or she is the decisive variable of change-capable and successful companies.

LPM® has 40 years of practical experience in change projects. We design and accompany transformation processes holistically on all levels of a company, from the end customer, organizational structures, people, processes and systems to the success of our customers.