Costs management

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ERP included

All elements related to delays can also be followed as costs (from resources work) and managing other expenses all costs of the project are monitored and can generate invoices.

The Project is the main entity of ProjeQtOr.In addition to tracking work on projects, ProjeQtOr can track the costs associated with this work.

An Activity is a task that must be planned, or includes other activities.Work assigned to resources on activities is converted into associated costs.

To calculate the cost of work ProjeQtOr defines the Resources cost.This cost may vary depending on the role of the resource and may change over time .

Projects expenses can also record expenses not related to resource costs (purchase, lease, sub-contracting)

Individual expenses can record expenses generated by a given resource.

ProjeQtOr can manage various financial elements found on a project: Quotation (proposals), Orders (received from customers), the invoicing Termsand Bills.

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