Train the Trainer

To help your organization self-manage its transformation, LPM Academy offers customized Train-the-Trainer offerings based on three models: Tool-Focused, Delivery-focused, and Blended.


In this program, learners will model the delivery by Lean sensei when teaching the principles, dynamics and usage of specific Lean tools. Program components include:

  • abbreviated tool training with a focus on training methods
  • detailed review and discussion of leader notes, tool-related experiences and lessons learned with LPM Academy specialists
  • event preparation and facilitation techniques
  • initial event scheduling, planning and preparation


This program is used to train and facilitate groups in meeting specific learning objectives. Delivery-focused features:

  • detailed application of Adult Learning Theory
  • insightful breakdown and application of the Lean Horizons Learning Model
  • extensive opportunities for demonstrating training and facilitation abilities
  • practice in applying training and facilitation techniques specifically to kaizen events
  • individual demonstration of training and facilitation skills with immediate feedback from Lean Horizons specialists


This program engages the LPM Academy Learning Model to train and facilitate groups in meeting specific learning objectives. It covers the components and features of both the tool-focused and delivery-focused models and culminates in one-on-one training for implementing kaizen tools using real-world scenarios. LPM Academy specialists provide immediate feedback.