Berlin, 11. April 2019 - Germany is currently only mediocre at the blockchain

representative study report published on Bitkom shows that Germany is only a laggard in an international comparison. In contrast, Bitkom President Achim Berg sees enormous potential in blockchain technology.

The blockchain, a relatively new technology, is already being used in logistics, transport and banking projects. Internationally, however, the German economy is lagging behind in the blockchain. Every tenth company (10 %) sees the German economy as lagging behind the blockchain in an international comparison, and about every second company (46 %) sees the blockchain only as a laggard. 2 out of 5 (40 %) place Germany in the midfield and nobody sees it represented in the top group. A sobering result of a representative survey on blockchain deployment among 1,004 companies with 50 or more employees commissioned by the digital association Bitkom. The summarized comprehensive study report was presented for the first time at the technology festival. "We are currently in an experimental phase with the blockchain, there is still a lack of a wide range of solutions that are really suitable for everyday use. But the blockchain technology offers enormous potential and can completely turn many previously common processes upside down. That's why it's important for companies to be at the forefront of research and development today," says Bitkom President Achim Berg. In this context, we would also like to refer to the e-book "Sponsorhandbuch Blockchain" published by the LPM Academy in September 2018. It describes in detail the manifold and evolutionary possibilities in the use of Blockchain technology and the procedure for its introduction and implementation. The German government has also set a signal and announced its own blockchain strategy. 

Study report analyses six sectors and public administration

The study report gives a comprehensive overview of the use of the blockchain in the German economy. The main focus is on the questions in which areas of the company blockchain technology is used and where potential is seen. The study report also provides an overview of questions such as the extent to which blockchain technology is being invested in and what cooperation with partners is being sought. Above all, it provides an insight into the attitudes towards the blockchain in six sectors - automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, transport & logistics, trade, energy and water supply, banks and insurance companies as well as public administration. The quantitative results of the survey were supplemented by qualitative interviews with 14 German blockchain experts.